Sister to Kenny and employer of Raoul de Santos, Connie Prince is a character in BBC One drama, Sherlock. Her official site continues the fictional world of Sherlock online.

Hello my darlings and welcome to my wonderful website.

I'm here to prove that we can all look fabulous whatever our age and whatever our income! As you know, I myself refuse to succumb to the modern day scourge of plastic surgery. Why destroy my natural beauty when there are so many organic choices available to us all! So, come with me darlings, and let me show you how to make yourself beautiful. You might think it's impossible but I'm Connie Prince and I can do it.

Who is Connie Prince?

My name's Connie Prince and no matter what that scandalous report in the Strand said, I'm 36. I grew up in the lower class London suburb of Chiswick but dragged myself up out of that grubby gutter and paid my way through a degree in fashion and make-up. After that, the world was quite literally my oyster!

Where did you start work?

I started work in television on such series as Juliet Bravo, Bergerac and the frightfully glamourous Howards' Way. Oh, we did have some laughs on that show. I remember dear Kate (that's Kate O'Mara) telling me that her popularity was as much down to me as it was to her. She's a sweetheart. Following my success there, I went over to Hollywood and was the leading make-up artist on a number of very popular movies - too numerous to mention!

Why did you come back?

I received the terrible news that my dear brother Kenny had fallen on bad times. I won 't go into details but let's just say he won't be going back to Sitges again. So, naturally, I flew straight back to help him out. And you know what? I felt warm inside because of it. It made me realise that I could do so much more than simply entertain cinema audiences. I could share my skills, my abilities, my innate talent with the world. With the people. So, as well as my incredibly popular TV show, I've decided to go interactive! This is me! Sharing my world with you! As I once said to dear Joanie (that's Joanie Collins) 'Darling, with just the right teacher, we can all be fabulous!'.

Who's in?

Heather from EastEnders! I know, I know, but it's the alice bands! They work for her and they'll work for us all!

Who's out?

My brother Kenny, I'm afraid. If you've not got the arms, don't wear the vest.I said a similar thing to a certain Corrie actress about her neck last time she popped round for a nut roast. Some things are best kept covered up.

Stop Press!!

This week I was featured in the 'Spotted' section of Heat magazine!

Top Tips

Latest Fan Question

Molly asks: Can you wear too much lipstick? It's just there's this man who I...

Connie says: We had to snip a lot of Molly's question there as she was starting to go on a bit. But, yes, Molly. Yes, you can wear too much lipstick. I, myself, prefer a simple dab to bring out my natural rouge.

My top tips in the fabulous world of celebrity and fashion.


Some of us were born to wear them. Some of you weren't. If you look like SJP then yes! If you look like Vladimir Putin in drag then no, no, no!


It's officially true, adopting children literally makes you look younger! Of course, I've that brother of mine to look after so no kids for moi!


ALWAYS! LADIES! ALWAYS MOISTURISE! HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO STRESS THIS!?!? REALLY, COME ON! YOU'RE JUST LETTING YOURSELVES DOWN!!! Ideally use a natural fruit-based product such as EveryDay Moisturiser from my Cherry and Cabbage range (a snip at only £49.99)


Darlings, I'm seeing a lot of hoodies on the streets of Hampstead. Seriously, if you're over the age of 30, they don't do you any favours. You're not in Twilight.

Cheryl Cole

Icon in the making. You read it here first, ladies. She is literally going to change the way we think about the world!!


NEVER! I would never use such a disgusting, horrific poison! As my dear friend Alice (that's Alice Cooper) used to sing 'it's poison! Running through your veins! Like all drugs, just say no.

Due to the sad untimely death of Ms Prince we are no longer accepting new members because we are true fans of hers who were her friends not just in life and not just in death

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